Meet Toque Flamenco Band Members

Toque Flamenco is born early in 2014 after two greatly talented musicians and one passionate dancer who have been doing Flamenco for years on their own meet each other with a shared vision. What happened next was the perfect blending of each other’s talents, tons of inspiration, dedication and creativity, which altogether creates astounding shows every single time. The second dancer, Karito Espí, joins Toque Flamenco late in 2015 creating an even more unique show. Each of the band members has a long record of music/dance training and over 15 years of performance experience.


Mario Sota "El Megitano"- Flamenco Singer, Guitarrist & Percussionist

Marilú "La Peque" - Flamenco Dancer & Percussionist

"Karito" - Flamenco dancer