Toque Flamenco not only offers great shows for all your events, we also offer private music and dance lessons in Vancouver.

Flamenco Guitar, Singing or Cajón (Percs) Lessons with Mario Sota

Private (1-to-1) Guitar, Singing (cante) or Percussion (cajón and more) lessons with Mario Sota (20+ years Talented Multi-Instrumentalist).


Flexible schedule (Weekdays/Weekends)


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Featured reviews

"After only learning Flamenco guitar for 6 months under Mario's skilled and passionate instruction, I have transitioned from a total novice in the Art, to performing  accompaniments on stage with reasonable confidence! With such an expressive and complex style of guitar, it's important to find an experienced teacher who can correct technique and provide direction, all the while instilling a sense of passion that's hard to find on your own.


I highly recommend Mario to anyone who has an interest in delving into the deeply rewarding and exciting world of Flamenco guitar" - Chris S. (Mario's Guitar student)

"I believe these days you could learn most things over the internet for sure. But in my opinion, nothing ever beats learning directly from a person. And if you find one who has the fire and passion for what they're doing you can gain more than any Internet could ever hold and Mario sure has both.


To bring your attention not only to your posture or technical details but most importantly to the feel and the expression... and the beauty of human interaction through music is something you carry with you, from here and beyond, thank you" - Tarvo (Mario's Guitar student)

"Mario is very professional and he is an excellent music teacher. Our daughter has been taking guitar lessons with him for almost 3 years!... She was only 8 when she started her lessons. We (as parents) are very happy with her progress and the enthusiasm Mario has inspired and inculcated in her for music. 


Mario's knowledge and expertise expands beyond Flamenco music which has allowed him to work on Classical Spanish guitar and Latin folk pieces also with my daughter. We also really appreciate the fact that lessons can be given in Spanish since I would like my daughter not to forget her maternal language. We recommend Mario 100%" - Araceli (Mom of Mario's guitar student)

Flamenco Dance Lessons with Marilú or Karito

Starting November 2018! 


Private (1-to-1) Flamenco dance lessons with Marilú or Karito.


Flexible schedule


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