Toque Flamenco has performed in many festivals, concerts & music venues across BC!

Tagore Spring Festival 2019 - Toque Flamenco
Tagore Spring Festival 2019 - Toque Flamenco
vancouver chinese new year toque flamenco gala
Chinese New Year 2019 - Toque Flamenco
Flamenco, music, dance, Vancouver
Toque Flamenco - Christmas Concert - Polish Canadian Dance Society
Toque Flamenco
Surrey Fusion Festival 2018
Toque Flamenco
Carnaval del Sol 2018
Toque Flamenco
Khatsalano Street Party 2018
Toque Flamenco
Surrey Canada Day 2018
Toque Flamenco
Opera Kelowna Carmencita
Toque Flamenco
Junos Let's hear it
Toque Flamenco
Harrison Season of Performing Arts
Toque Flamenco
Richmond World Festival
Toque Flamenco
Vancouver World Music Festival





Toque Flamenco is part of the Vancouver World Music Festival 2017 !!!

Toque Flamenco
Victoria Flamenco Festival


HEADLINERS at Victoria Flamenco Festival 2017!


July 29th-4pm

Toque Flamenco at Blue Martini Jazz Cafe - 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month (May to December 2017).

Toque Flamenco is part of the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival 2016 !!!





Presenting a new show: "Bajo la Influencia"


"This esteemed Vancouver flamenco troupe (regular performers at Kino Café) will share an eclectic, tongue-in-cheek twist on traditional flamenco palos (song forms). Drawing from classic rock influences, including Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, U2 and The Police, the artists will nod to their musical idols."


Selected festival performances:


Vancouver International Flamenco Festival - September 2019


Richmond World Festival - August 2019


Victoria Flamenco Festival - July 2019


Flamenco, Tango and Wine - July 2019


Dance All Over the Map - July 2019


Surrey Fusion Festival - July 2018


Carnaval del Sol - July 2018


Khatsalano Street Party - July 2018


Surrey Canada Day - July 2018


Harrison Season of Performing Arts - September 2017


Richmond World Festival - September 2017


Polish Harvest Festival - September 2017


Victoria Flamenco Festival - July 2017 - HEADLINERS


Vancouver World Music Festival - April 2017


Vancouver International Flamenco Festival - Sept 2016


Polish Harvest Festival - Sept 2016


Kaleidoscope Festival - July 2016


Jazz Vespers - July 2016


European Festival - May 2015