Toque Flamenco is part of the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival 2016

The program for the VIFF 2016 has been announced!


Toque Flamenco presents its new show: "Bajo la Influencia"

As Flamenco artists raised outside of Spain, Toque Flamenco members grew up being exposed to many different genres of music other than Flamenco. This show is a reflection of the music that has influenced their lives performed as flamenco palos (song forms).  Rock classics are the focus of their inspiration. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, U2  and The Police are some of the groups that will be interpreted into a traditional Flamenco performance with voice, guitar, percussion & dance.  The title is a play on words,  just as the composers of these songs were “under the influence” when they wrote the songs that they grew up being “under the influence” of their music.


Wednesday September 14th, 8 pm at Centro Flamenco (Alma St and 4th Avenue)

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