Flamenco Fundraiser

After Mario and Marilú just came back from spending the summer in Spain getting inspired by "el arte de Andalucía", TF is ready to hit the stage and make you vibrate. 


  • TF is back on regular performances at the Kino Cafe (3456 Cambie St) every Wednesday and most of the Saturdays (check FB page for updates ToqueFlamencoFacebook).
  • TF is also performing at The Main on 4210 Main St, every first Friday of the month.
  • Last but not least, TF is involved in the Flamenco Fundraiser for the BC Children's Hospital, this coming Sunday Sept 6th. It'll be a super fun show with lots of prizes and everyone is invited to dance on stage. No plans for the long weekend? Come and watch, do or breathe some Flamenco! You'll never regret it!



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