Toque Flamenco is part of the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival 2016 !!!





Presenting a new show: "Bajo la Influencia"


"This esteemed Vancouver flamenco troupe (regular performers at Kino Café) will share an eclectic, tongue-in-cheek twist on traditional flamenco palos (song forms). Drawing from classic rock influences, including Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, U2 and The Police, the artists will nod to their musical idols."

Toque Flamenco: the best Flamenco music in Vancouver

Toque Flamenco is a unique Vancouver flamenco band that specializes in creating festive and breathtaking flamenco shows that include music and dance. 


We tailor each show based on our customer's needs. We are a group of professional musicians and dancer with over 15 years of performance experience at festivals, concerts, corporate and charity events, hotels, weddings and parties. 


We are not a flamenco school and we will not bring students to your most valued event, we only hire professional musicians and dancers. 


This project is born after two greatly talented musicians and one passionate dancer who have been doing Flamenco for years on their own meet each other and decide to give it a try to perform together. What happened next was perfect blending of each other's talents, inspiration, lots of laughs, dedication and creativity which creates amazing shows every single time. 


Watching Toque Flamenco perform is being transported to the land of Andalucía, Spain.


Toque Flamenco is committed to provide you with the ultimate and most authentic flamenco experience. Sit back and enjoy!


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